Monday, May 11, 2015


Overall I really liked 20 time this year, I was a bit sceptical at first because I did not really think that I would find a subject to do it on. Lookin back on it I should have just picked something better than sailing, like helping out at the hospital or rasing money for an organization. This would have made it easier to get a meaningful message across. I should have changed mine a couple weeks after I chose it, instead I was too scared because I thought I would not have enough time. Why I would change for next year is that I would tell the kids that if you don't like your idea at first, then change it as soon as possible because it will be much easier to do the talk in the long run. Also I would tell the future 20 TIME kids not to do sailing because it is quite hard to do anything in the winter, I was stuck to read books about sailing which was quite boring. It is also hard to connect it to anything and for the longest time I was stuck with nothing to do or say. Also, if I could do this all over again I would first start to think about what the message was going to be before I even did it. Overall I really liked the idea of 20 TIME, it's just that I wish I chose an idea that impacted many more lives.