Friday, February 6, 2015

Sailing meeting

I have made a jump in my progress as I scheduled a meeting with my aunt that is a experienced  sailer for a couple of days of the midwinter break. This means that I will go to her house with my mom for a couple of nights and just talk on what I need to know about sailing. This is a small but crucial step for me to learn how to sail. I think that we will do this many times before the spring season where I will start to go on the water with my aunt and mom. The project is not really stressful right now but I think that in a couple of weeks that I will be bombarded with a ton of work. That is because I can only do so much right now because there is ice in the water and it is freezing cold outside. I just remembered that I would need to get a boating license, I was freaked out on that it would take forever to get, but then I remembered that I got my license in the 7th grade. Now the only challenge is to find where that license is. 

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