Sunday, February 22, 2015

post Mid winter break

During the Mid-winter break I did not meet up with my aunt, she did not have any times to meet up that matched my times where I was a free. Instead of just being mad that I did not get to meet with my aunt, I went online and looked up as many videos of sailing possible. Most were very long and said the same things over and over again, but there were some that really informed me about the basics of sailing and made it quite entertaining. Although I did not get a chance to meet up with my aunt, I did text her back and forth about the date to go on the water. She does not know the exact week or day because of the harsh months of winter we have been having. I think that I will just meet up with her at Starbucks or someplace for an hour or two this week just to learn somethings that she learned over the years.

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