Sunday, January 11, 2015

Post Winter Break

It's sad to say that not much has gone on during the break we have had during the holidays. I could make the excuse that I cannot make a lot of progress with sailing during the winter because of the fact that you cannot sail in the winter. I do know that my mom is totally on board with the whole sailing part because she has never sailed and has always wanted to learn. My best bet of learning how to sail right now is still with my Aunt, who owns a sail boat and is willing to teach me it for free. It is a quite small sailboat and would be great for first-timers like my self. I am not sure though on what i should say for my speech at the end of the year. I know that it should be about what you learned through the project and it should be something valuable, but I don't know how to tie the whole project up. I could mention how the things you learn could not just only help yourself, but others as well. I got that idea with the fact that my mom has always wanted to learn how to sail as a child, and with the help of this project, is allowing her dream to come true. But I don't think that is deep enough and I will have to go digging some more in my thoughts to gets some good ideas. But to wrap this all up I have not done much this break and will do more and more each week, so when it does get warmer outside, I can get out on St.Clair.

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